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Documents required to open a bank account.

Opening a bank account is a procedure that you can’t avoid if you live on the Cote d'Azur or simply own real estate here. To save you time, we have prepared a small memo about the documents that you would need to open a bank account in Monaco and in France.

First of all, you have to provide documents that proving your identity (usually a passport) and your place of residence (for example, recent utility bills), as well as documents that would help banks to know you better as their potential client, whether family or professional position.
Besides you would be asked to fill in documents indicating the level of your knowledge about financial markets and investments.
Documents that the bank would require as a part of anti money-laundering (known as AML or KYC) deserve a separate line. You should be ready to provide documents that prove the origin of your funds, including but not limited to: financial statements of your company, documents on property sale, documents of inheritance and gift. Apparently, all documents must be properly translated.

Of course, even a complete package of documents does not guarantee opening a bank account, but significantly reduces the risk of rejection. We provide information on banks operating in Monaco and in France, as well as we assist with banking procedures.