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The cost of the subscription is indicated subject to monthly renewal within 12 months.
The standard cost of the subscription is 850€ for 30 days.
The subscription includes the following services:
Weekly mailbox check, sorting of an incoming correspondence, its transfer to the client (geographically from Menton to Cannes).
Invoices and payments
Replying to the letters and sending the invoices for payment.
Preparation of the letters to the administration, tax and other authorities.
Preparation and sending of a package of documents on various administrative issues, including residence, driver's license.
Subscription of the personal insurance contracts.
Maintaining an electronic archive of incoming and outgoing correspondence, contracts.
Important! Service includes up to 6 hours of office work per month, 4 visites to collect mail per month.
Hand over the solution of daily issues to professionals.
Solving organizational issues related to your short-term stay on the Cote d'Azur on vacation, as well as educational and medical issues.
Solution of documentary and technical issues related to car maintenance on the French Riviera.
Resolving issues related to teaching your children on the French Riviera.
Interaction with banking and tax institutions on current issues.
Resolving current issues related to the maintenance of your property on the French Riviera.
Resolving issues with reservations at your request.