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Working hours
We work from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 20.00. However, services such as a concierge are provided daily, seven days a week. Services for checking the mailbox, organization of the moving along the Cote d'Azur and preparation of your real estate for your arrival are possible on weekends at an increased rate.
What are the guarantees?
We guarantee the high quality of our work. If, for objective reasons, we are not able to guarantee the successful execution of the ordered service, we will refund your money and give you a free consultation on possible solutions to your issue.
However, we can not give guarantees on the acceptabcew of your request in administrative and other institutions.
We carefully select and control the work of our subcontractors, but we are not responsible for the fulfillment of their obligations.
    How is the delivery service hour calculated?
    The hour of delivery service is calculated from the moment the parcel is collected until the moment it is delivered to the recipient. If it is impossible to carry out delivery in one hour, payment of additional time is agreed with you in advance, upon receipt of your order.
      What is the difference between a subscription and one-time services?
      Choosing a subscription, you get access during a month to several services at once, some of which are not available for a one-time purchase.
      In addition, you could create your monthly subscription from several service packages at once - for example, administrative support plus a real estate management ; administrative support plus concierge and so on.
        How long is the subscription valid?
        Subscriptions are calculated for a month, but you could renew them or sign for a longer period.
        A few days before expiration of your subscription you would be asked to renew it. Or you can contact us to get a subscription for the desired period.
        How do I communicate with my personal assistant?
        You can contact your personal assistant by phone, by email or via messenger. You could also indicate your preferred way of communication.
        Do I need to pay extra?
        The cost of our services includes the work of a personal assistant. If the ordered service involves the participation of contractors (for example, a car maintenance company or a transportation company), then the cost of their services is paid separately. In this case, the participation of any contractor is negotiated with you in advance.