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  • Nikolay Kondratyuk, CEO SMSTRETCHING
    SMSTRETCHING focuses on an innovative approach to stretching and related disciplines. Therefore, when in 2018 we decided to organize the first fitness tour, we needed our partner not only to find the necessary villas, organize transfers, book interesting restaurants, but also, above all, understand the spirit and specifics of the idea in order to make this experience perfect for tour participants. We were lucky to find like-minded people. In France, our partners were RivieraPA, which provided both us and our guests with an unforgettable experience. They were in charge of all details of the tour. A competent balance of time between sports, experiences and gastronomy, as well as a clear organization of program events, have become the key elements of success. Even our spontaneous wishes were realized as if they had been prepared in advance. Everything was done on "all included" basis, without any additional costs that were not agreed in advance. Not surprisingly, time after time SMSTRETCHING returns to the Riviera for new experiences.
  • Samira Mustafaeva
    Our friends and loved ones live all over the world, and we wanted to choose the perfect place to bring them all together for our wedding. French Riviera turned out to be just such an option, especially since the first SMSTRETCHING fitness tour took place there. Impressed by the level of preparation of the tour, we decided to trust the same team in the matter of the wedding.
    Their team paid attention to all our wishes. The ring exchange ceremony was held at a bird's eye view with panoramic views of France, Monaco and Italy. Our walks on the seashore and in the small streets of atmospheric French villages, rides in a cabriolet along the serpentine and hundreds of other cute details made up the emotions of this wonderful day.
    Special attention should be paid to the villa chosen for us - stylish, spacious to accommodate all our guests, with a stunning pool and sea views.
    Thank you for the precious memories that we are pleased to return to.
  • Irina Fomina
    I was planning a second delivery in Nice. Riviera PA was so helpful in choosing a clinic and a doctor. They also provided me with all the necessary contacts (translator, doctors). Then I turned to them for other different questions: Leisure's organization for adults (travels, Concerts and Events schedule, verified restaurants, reservations) and children (including educational moments, contacts of nannies, etc.). Anastasia was always in touch. All her recommendations for choosing a travel route (these are the famous lavender fields, lakes), Restaurants - met our expectations and left the most pleasant impressions. Thank you so much for your participation and delicate approach in any questions!
  • Maria Izyumova
    We discovered Cote d'Azur from a different, non-tourist side. Without crowds we were able to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Special attention was paid to a carefully verified schedule, taking into account the opening hours of restaurants for lunch / dinner, their advanced booking, advices on choosing a cuisine for every taste and budget, thanks to which the Riviera opened up to us from the gastronomic side. We were traveling with children, so the team told us where it is better to go with them, and places that are not very interesting for kids. I can't even imagine how many reviews I would have had to go through in the Internet and how much information to keep in my head and combine it all into a single plan. Thank you!
  • Elena
    I would like to thank Riviera PA for the work. For several years now, you have been helping us with all our current and urgent problems that we constantly have while living in France. I would especially like to note that we always know exactly how much we have to pay for certain services, which is very rare here 😏. I also really like the fact that in one place we could solve absolutely diverse problems like school or kindergarten enrolment or subscribing various utility contracts 👍super! Thank you for your help - always clearly and flawlessly 👍👍👍. Good luck in the future. Regular client Elena.
    P.s Hope for further successful cooperation with you !!!
  • Victoria Mzhavanadze
    I would like to express my deep gratitude for the organization of the trip to the Beaucastel, Hermitage and Gigondas vineyards to Yulia Derzhaltseva and the Riviera P.A. team
    Everything was organized at the highest level. I would like to say about a great start of the journey, having arrived in Nice in the heart of the Cote d'Azur, we were met in a comfortable car and our trip through Provence began. Climbing up into the mountains, into the interior of the region, far from the sea, another landscape begins, a mountainous area, a serpentine road and after 40 minutes of a pleasant road with beautiful views, suddenly vineyards opened to your eyes.
    We visited the most famous Provence wineries in the Var region.
    First stop was Beaucastel, then Hermitage then Gigondas.
    We visited the workshops, watched the production process and tasted interesting wines. We were given a warm welcome from the winemakers, the excursions were organized very informatively, we not only tasted exclusive wines, but also talked with the winemakers, learned interesting facts about wine, the history of winemaking, the culture of wine production.
    Then there was a stop at a wonderful restaurant on a hill I don't remember the name with fabulous views of the valley. Great view, light warm breeze and amazing food.
    I made a lot of discoveries for myself, got lots of emotions, brought an exclusive wine hole !!!
    I really hope to see other vineyards in Provence!
  • Dilyara
    Whole-heartedly I thank EasyBusy and personally Anastasia Goryacheva for organizing the leisure time for our family on the Cote d'Azur! We only had a week to relax and explore the coast, and this is with a small child! I wanted to spend this time with maximum benefit. We wanted to explore the surroundings, but at the same time not depend on other people, not go to crowded places and not torture ourselves and the child with "leisure".
    Friends recommended EasyBusy as a service of honest services and transparent prices: you know exactly what you get and how much it costs, no unpleasant surprises.
    Anastasia, as a local expert and an attentive, erudite and patient (!) Person, organized for us a great car tour along the coast. Leaving Cannes early in the morning, we had a wonderful day on the way to Monaco and back. The trip was balanced as much as possible: it was a tour of the mountain village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, a walk along the Monte Carlo promenade and even a little cardio in the Eze botanical garden.
    Locations: rest points, viewpoints, restaurants - were selected with great care and attention. Traveling on my own, I would have spent much more time and money, and still would not get even a third of these impressions.
    I highly recommend this service.